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Translational Research and The Rich Analytical Environment Print

Conceptualizing, managing, and analyzing the data generated in complex translational research is a daunting undertaking.  We have the experience, strategies, and tools to tackle these challenges.

Edward Tufte's Small Multiples Print

Edward Tufte, expert in information design, and author of Beautiful Evidence, Visual Explanations, Envisioning Information, and The Visual Display of Quantitative Information describes a technique called "Small Multiples."  Let's use this technique to inspect data generated with a cytokine bead array run on a flow cytometer.

Edward Tufte's Sparklines Print

Edward Tufte encourages us to remove all unnecessary graphical elements from our presentation. When this is done, images can be reduced in size.  Perhaps the logical extension of this compacting of graphic representation is Tufte’s concept of sparklines, in which a graphical element serves almost as a word. These word-pictures can be placed in-line with text.


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